Saturday, September 12, 2009

4-Wheelin' Fun!

Great views!!! I have some better pictures, but my camera was being dumb and there is a black spot on them. I need to get Gina to help me photoshop it out of the picture.
A moose that we saw a long the way. It was really far away, this was the best picture that I could get of it. I bet Curtis would have liked to be there with his bow.

The great thing about living in Utah is being surrounded by the mountains. A group of friends from church got together to go 4-wheeling in the mountains. A bit of advice to all, always try to be the front 4-wheeler on the trail. If you're in the back you end up looking like this...dirty! I just have to say that 4-wheeling is addicting. I love it!

Me and Kevin Black, from my singles ward... he has all kids of fun toys... 4-wheeler, motorcycle, truck...

Now the picture that you're looking at isn't blurry, this is all the dust and dirt that ended up on my face and all over of my clothes. This is all that I saw for about 1 1/2 hours up the mountain. On the way back down it was dark so I couldn't see all the nasty dust flying.

He let me drive on the way back down the mountain... FUN is all that I can say about it!


Cindy said...

Fun!! Sounds like my kind of adventure!!

Amanda said...


Steph and Jeff said...

Yeah for fun toys and boys in the singles ward. :) Hey it has been over a year since I've seen you. I really miss you and hope that everything is working out well for you. Are your parents home from there mission yet so you can come to school at UNL and see us Nebraska gang more often? We love you.

The offical good-gamer

Staci and Jason said...

you may not find this comment since your last blog was in September, but I just wanted to let you know I found your blog and was so excited. Hope your still having "4-whellin' fun"