Saturday, September 12, 2009

4-Wheelin' Fun!

Great views!!! I have some better pictures, but my camera was being dumb and there is a black spot on them. I need to get Gina to help me photoshop it out of the picture.
A moose that we saw a long the way. It was really far away, this was the best picture that I could get of it. I bet Curtis would have liked to be there with his bow.

The great thing about living in Utah is being surrounded by the mountains. A group of friends from church got together to go 4-wheeling in the mountains. A bit of advice to all, always try to be the front 4-wheeler on the trail. If you're in the back you end up looking like this...dirty! I just have to say that 4-wheeling is addicting. I love it!

Me and Kevin Black, from my singles ward... he has all kids of fun toys... 4-wheeler, motorcycle, truck...

Now the picture that you're looking at isn't blurry, this is all the dust and dirt that ended up on my face and all over of my clothes. This is all that I saw for about 1 1/2 hours up the mountain. On the way back down it was dark so I couldn't see all the nasty dust flying.

He let me drive on the way back down the mountain... FUN is all that I can say about it!

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Sister's Wedding!!

I know that some of you might think that I'm Blob-polar. I blog like crazy and then you don't hear from me for the longest time. Well I have to say...that's absolutely...TRUE. I just get caught up in life and forget to blog. Well lately we had a pretty monumental event in our family, so I thought I write about it. For those of you that know my family, which most of you that read my blog are family, know that I have a little sister, Nancy. Well May 29th, she and her honey got married. Kevin and Nancy got married in the Manti, UT temple.

The happy couple exited the temple!

All the sisters together. All of the girls live in Utah, and all our brothers live outside of Utah. 3 of the 4 brothers made it to the wedding...we missed Chad though.

Me and Nancy's best friend growing up, Megan!

The cutting of the cake!

My dad and my niece, Cassie.

The nieces and nephews waiting in the Temple annex for the ceremony to be over. All arrayed in pink. The girls were loving getting all dressed up for the occasion.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday!

WOW! I can't believe how fast time flies! This is my last year in my 20s. Last Thursday, March 19th, I turned 29 years old. I know most of you don't realize I'm that old, even some of my family, but it's true. Thanks to my family for celebrating with me!

Here's a hat mom and dad sent from Korea. Got to love those Koreans and their crazy party stuff!

George posted a sign for me! Did you know that Wonder Woman's real name was Diana?! I knew mom and dad named me that for a special reason. :) :)

Here's the cake Amanda made for me. I love argyle!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

California Dreamin'

Just a little while back I took a trip to Sacramento, CA. Actually I was in Roseville, just outside of Sacramento. I went to go see to friends from my mission, Jamie and Adam. Adam was my zone leader for about 4 months of my mission. Jamie and I never served together, but have become good friends since being home. As there are few sisters in the mission, we'd see each other at zone conferences and firesides. She came to Utah for a mutual companion's wedding and also for the reunion. These two are some of my best friends from the mission!

Trying to get a good pose for reunion memories..

Eating at PF Changs where Sam, Jamie's boyfriend, works...hook ups!!

The night that I flew in, Jamie took me to a multi-stake YSA dance. Gotta love getting down with my bad self!

What?! Work?!

Most of you know that I work at Zions Bank, well the branch I work at just closed and moved up to another branch. In preperation for the move, we had to throw a lot of things out. One night while cleaning out paper, Preston and I desided to have a paper war. We threw cash out tickets everywhere. This picture is after we gathered them all up.
The next day Caryn found tickets in random boxes...good times!

Tough Girls of out!

Here's the bank that I used to work at, it's an in-store branch. But starting Tuesday I'll be at a normal branch with a drive-up and everything. My new boss is cool, she's pretty chill. I was a bit nervous at first, but things'll be good!

As Sisters in Zions...couldn't resist!

Get out the way! Get out the way! Move!

Well a couple of weeks ago I experienced something for the first time, I hit a deer while driving. Luckily I was driving on a street with a slow speed limit, so I was only going about 25 to 30 mph. I was going down hill so I had my foot on the break to keep myself from going too fast. Although I wasn't going too fast, I'm sad to say that the deer didn't make it. After hitting it, it stood up and just stood there looking at me. As if to say, "what did you just do? did you really just hit me with that car?" After just standing there, making cars go around him, he walked to the side of the road and laid down. I must have done some internal damage, cause by the time I drove off he wasn't moving. I called the police to report it, and it looked dead when the cop was over there prodding at it. Too bad Curtis wasn't there with his bow.

Here are some of the pictures for the damage, you can see it's pretty minimal. The grill looks cracked, because of the bubbling of the crome finish.

This was the worst of the damage to the car, too bad I can't say the same for the deer.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friends From the Far East!

When I lived over in Korea, I was able to meet some great friends there. Although we've all moved on with life, I've been able to keep in contact with some of them still. Just recently, my friend AJ came to town to visit. So an APB was put out for all Yongson Branch youth to get together. Unfortunately with everyone moving on with life comes crazy schedules. Some could only meet up during the day, and some at night. Daniela and I were able to meet AJ in the evening. It's always great to see old friends, and after 11 yrs I'd say we look as exactly the same.